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"A Timeless
Collection of Heartfelt Moments"

                                                        ---- Diane M. Lockett

Why Glory Cards?

We're in the business of minding everybody's business 

with cards for all reasons and seasons!​

  • S.A.M. Certified, 100% Minority-/Women-Owned Diversity Supplier

  • therapeutic verses in diversified unique categories; 

  • messages that address all occasions, including "friendly" disagreements, and verses for those dealing with traumatic situations; 

  • meaningful verses by a #1 Best-Selling Author, Award-Winning Educator and Master Poet

  • the all new, time-saving "YOU Collection" features relevant verses for whomever comes to mind;  

  • the all new, "You-Know-You-Owe-Me" Collection features Christian Debt Collection cards;  

  • a new concept, the "2-n-1 Hidden Message Card" gives you two messages in one;

  • large print for the visually challenged;

  • written to reflect the voice of our diverse communities;

  • divinely inspired to reach out with uplifting messages of encouragement, forgiveness, hope, love and life. 

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